Plastic Surgeons Repair Lives

A couple cable TV shows have been shedding a little light into the world of plastic surgeons in maryland. While a plastic surgeon can do breast enhancements and tummy tucks, they are also able to help people in so many more ways. A plastic surgeon is trained in reconstructive surgery.

Plastic Surgeons Help Burn Victims

Those who know have said that serious burns are the most painful injuries that anyone can have, leaving people terribly deformed and scarred. As the injured skin peels off, the exposure of the nerves to clothing, water or even air is excruciating. As the skin heals, it is reddened, stiff and noticeably scarred. The scars serve a constant reminder of the entire ordeal, drawing unwelcome attention that makes many burn victims reluctant to leave their homes.

Many burn victims undergo numerous plastic surgeries. The skin that they had before the burn is gone, but plastic surgery can remove much of the scarred skin and return the skin to an appearance and function that is closer to normal. Plastic surgery can give someone who has suffered from terrible burns the confidence to once again rejoin life.


Plastic Surgeons Restore Function to Hands

When someone loses partial or total use of their hand, it affects their life, and possibly their career, in countless ways. Hand surgery is very specialized; the goal is to restore as much function as possible. There are many conditions that would require the breast implants in maryland. Hand surgeries are very complex.

Trauma: Accidental injuries can prove very challenging to plastic surgeons. Bones can be fractured or fingers severed. Hands can be crushed.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Repetitive movements, such as long hours typing, can result in carpal tunnel syndrome; injuries or rheumatoid arthritis could also cause the problem. Pressure on the median nerve in the wrist causes numbness, pain, weakness or tingling.

Rheumatoid or Gouty Arthritis: These diseases cause disabling deformities to any joint; hands can be severely impaired.

Dupurtren’s Contracture: The hand is disabled when thick tissue forms within the palm and fingers. Movement is restricting, abnormally constricting the fingers.

Repairing Cleft Palates Saves Lives

Cleft palates are horribly disfiguring birth defects that present multiple challenges. Throughout history, many, if not most, of the babies born with cleft palates were not allowed to live. The babies are unable to nurse normally and as they grow, have difficulty speaking. Their development is affected in numerous ways. A child born with a cleft palate may have other syndromes also requiring plastic surgery maryland. Plastic surgeons, working with many other medical specialists, give hope to these children and their families.

Choosing a plastic surgeon in Maryland requires a little research. Ask if the surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and inquire about his or her specific board certifications. While a plastic surgeon can perform cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeons are also reconstructive surgeons, repairing lives.

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